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Badge Layout

group badge.png

Group Scarf Badge

This badge is specific to our group and is worn on the rear of the scarf/neckerchief.

district badges.png

Group/Section Name, Scout District and County

The right sleeve is ID area to let people know which group etc the wearer is a member of.


Union Jack Badge

Worn by members who have travelled abroad with scouts


RAF Recognition

Only Worn by Air Scout groups that are RAF recognized.


Chief Scout & High Awards/Commendations

This part of the Shirt is used for high awards, in young members this normally is the Chief Scout awards & Challenge awards.


World Membership Badge

Worn around the world by all members of the world Scout Movement, and a global symbol of scouting.


Activity & Staged Awards

The left sleeve is used for general badges earned by members, these are covered during programs also if members have hobbies and interests. 

They are round badges and look like the images below, diagram on badge changes to represent how it was earned

Unifrom Layout.png
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