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1st Colchester Scouts HQ

Ypres Hall

Our HQ history

1st Colchester is a very old group with a long history, and has run continuously since its founding in 1908.  Our original hall was the Bunting Gymnasium (was opposite the current Halifax bank) and St peters Hall that no longer exists.


We moved the the New The Bunting Rooms in 1985, it was built to replace our old home on Culver Street.  That with the culver street developments during this period was being turned into shops.  This site is marked with a special plaque.


In 2021, it was decided that some step had tp be taken to secure the long term survival of the Scout group.  So plans were made and funding secured to allow the group to move to a new premises.  This site is owned and operated by the group and is a purpose built/renovated facilities.

Our new home offers a great location and site, being a former garrison building it is well built and provides the group with a great base to operate from.

The Facilities

Hire Our HQ

More Information

Our HQ is available for for private functions, this supports the group and help raise funds to cover our running costs.  Our hall aims to provide a modern facilities which is ideal for a large variety of events.  For availability and more details, click more information.

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