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Our Meeting Venue

Our Plans

Since 2021 we have been working hard behind the scenes to develop our long term plans.  Part of this was to secure the groups headquarters.

1st Colchester is a very old group and over the years have had several venues to hold meetings.  Our current home was built for us in the 1980's to replace our previous home on Culver street.  

Our Bunting rooms home has been run by external committees during its existence, over the past 15 years we have had growing issues with this and it was clear, that a long term solution was needed.

So in 2022 various meetings were held to discuss options, from the group taking on the existing hall to moving home.  Unfortunately due to the high level of costs required in modernising the existing home, this seemed unfeasible.

The New HQ

The group has found itself in a very special situation, that has enabled an exciting option.

A few years ago we unfortunately lost one of our leader after a short battle with cancer, at his passing he left us a considerable fund.  This has taken some time and work to find its way to the group.  

This fund has enabled us to look at projects and we have chosen a premises that was part of the old garrison site.  This building will be undergoing major renovation to make it a purpose built, modern and eco-friendly Scout headquarters.

This site is still close to town, and will provide a great facility and with access to great local features.  We will also have car park access and plenty of outdoor space.  

We hope to have the renovation complete for the Autumn period.

Latest News

22nd March

Details of Temporary Meeting Venue

A massive thankyou to the Lexden Parish (St Leonard's Church), who managed to secure this space for our meetings after the sudden lose of our home.  We are sharing these premises with another local group, but have managed to secure times around their sessions.

  • Beavers - Thursdays 18:00 till 19:00

  • Cubs - Monday 18:15 till 19:45

  • Scouts & Explorers - Wednesday 19:30 till  21:00


21st March


The committee responsible for the care of our HQ (not the group) have decided to close the Bunting Rooms, this has been our home since 1980's and we are very sad to have had this sudden development.

This news was very out of the blue with little warning (less than 12 hours).  However as you are aware we are working on our new HQ project and have this exciting target in mind.  We had hoped to use our current HQ until this was available.

With the support of Scouting friends and a local Parish, we are pleased to say, we have secured a venue for our weekly meetings with immediate effect.  

Your Section leaders will be in touch asap to inform you about this new meeting location that we will be sharing with another local group.  Our session schedule will remain mostly the same, and we will meet around the other group so not to cause confusion hopefully.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing, and hope to minimize this with a great future HQ in mind.

Thank you to all our members support during this time, and as always we aim to priorities our young people.

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