Kit Guide & Advice

This Page should hopefully offer some advice of things needed in kit bags for camps, if however you do have questions please ask your section leader.  Our leader teams have a huge amount of camping experience and will be able to offer advice based on there experience. 

Some General Notes about Kit

  • Mobile Phones are generally not permitted on any scouting events as they cause huge distraction to members and can easily be broken.  If phones are brought on events such as camps they will be confiscated and returned to parents after event.

  • The best way to keep warm on camps is using lots of layers rather than one thick layer.

  • We DO NOT recommend members to wear jewelry on camps

  • Pocket Money is aloud on camps, on summer camps we run a bank system.  members will be able to access money when requested, this helps to ensure it is not lost in tents.


Top Half Uniform

Is required that all member travel to and from camps wearing their shirt and scarfs although berets are not normally required.

Warm Sweaters

Obviously warm clothing is essential, as all times of year campsites can become cold places specially in the evenings

Clothing (tshirts, trousers, shorts)

Simple and sensible clothing is all that is need, also clothing that doesn't matter if it gets dirty and damaged.  Please remember the warmest way of dressing is layers.

We would recommend camping trousers, these are widely avalibale from camping stores and leaders are happy to offer advise if needed, please do not just bring jeans as these are not good in wet conditions

During summer camps evening can be cold so please pack a variety of clothing


Underclothes & Socks

Can't really say much on this really, but one recommendation is please pack some extra, for water activity replacements.


Trainers / Comfortable shoes

For general wear around camp.

Cap or Hat

We suggest all members bring a hat of some sort to camp, as this can help keep the strong sun off them, this can help prevent heat related illness on camp

Hike Boots / Strong shoes

On some camps when hikes form part of program we may advise bringing hard wearing footwear, strong wearing shoes are often a useful alternative to trainers..

Other bits

Towel (2 for week camp)

Towels are obviously required on camps for washing and after water activities, we advise 2 for week camps as it is not always possible to dry towels out quickly on camp (weather dependant).



We encourage members to bring cameras on camp to record their experiences, however would obviously recommend not to bring expensive cameras, and the scout group cannot take responsibility for damages or losses

Torch & Spare Batteries

We suggest all members bring torches for camp, it is usually a good idea to pack torch near top of bag so it is easy to access on a dark campsite.  It is also a good idea to pack batteries out of torch as these can accidently get put on in bag.  Also although they seem a good idea windup torches do not work very well at all.


Sleeping Bag & Roll Mat

Roll mat or self-inflating mats are very important to ensure members have a comfortable layer to put their sleeping bag on.  Sleeping bags can be a mind field of choice, however we cannot stress enough how important a good sleeping bag is and will last for years.  We normally advise a 3 season bag, obviously a 4 will be warmer but are more expensive.  

Sun Block Cream

It is important members bring sun block to camps during the summer, campsites are often lacking in shade, and members need to be protected from sun burn.


Polythene Bag

The idea of packing at least one carrier bag is to enable members to separate clean and dirty/wet clothing

Camps Blankets

Although this is not a necessary part of kit, members often will bring a camp blanket or poncho which can be worn of an evening, scouts traditionally use these as place to attach old badges and awards gained throughout the scouting life.

Water Activities

On alot of camps we will take part in water based activities, it is important that we are ready in regards to clothing as this can make the whole adventure more fun

Rough/old clothing

These are for general layer, on some activities members will end up in the water so old clothing that will help with warmth but not matter if they get wet/dirty.  We would recommend tshirt and trousers although swimming shorts can be warn the water is often cold.

Old Trainers/Water Shoes

It is important that everyone brings some sort of old trainers or water shoes as footwear must be worn during water activities.


Rash vest

We would recomment members bring these long sleeved tops that offer a warm layer specially designed for water activities, these can be purchased for various budgets