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Beaver Sleepover

Updated: Apr 24

Our Beavers went to Thorrington to have a wild time in the woods this weekend. Arriving on Saturday morning they explored every corner of the woods learning about the different trees as they went.

Splashing around in puddles and trying to pull the sword from the stone ( noone could so the sword remains for the chosen one to appear).

After lunch the Beavers entered the Bouldering hut, literally climbing the walls with all their famous energy.

Having exhausted themselves in the hut we then moved to a campsite where we built a fire and cooked s'mores and made bird feeders. With

Beavers and local birds refueled we all moved back to our building to make wild nature masks so that the Beavers could blend in to the woods. After dinner and games we all sat down for a premiere - kind of - of the film Madagascar with popcorn.

Recharged after sleeping in the dorm rooms Sunday began with games ( including an epic game of snakes and ladders) then back in the woods to explore some more before the parents came to take them back to civilization - and a bath.

The leader team are so proud of our Beavers for what was their first time on a sleepover, settling in to their new surroundings so well and making so many happy memories that will hopefully last for years to come.