Farnborough Air Show

Farnborough Air Show is generally considered to be the largest airshow in the world and is only held in the UK alternate years, the other year it is held in France. The Scout and Explorer section have attended this show for a while know and it offers a great opportunity to relate what they learn to really aircraft and see some amazing aerobatic displays.

Farnborough always means a early start and long day so we all met at the Bunting rooms and jumped on the minibus. Once at the airfield we had a walk to reach the security gates which from passed experience we knew can take a while to get through. This year we lead the Scouts to the Space zone first as we were aware of a special guest visiting the show. So after a quick look around we headed to a central stage area, where Astronaut Tim peak was going to have a question and answer session. The Session was aimed at the young visitors, and was a great opportunity to learn about what he had done in space and important things like how do you go to the loo in space and do you get internet access.


Once we finished here we lead the scouts to a central point and allowed them to go off in groups to explore the airshow. The flying part of the day began late morning and most of the Scouts joined us to watch the main attractions which started with a amazing aerobatic display from the massive Airbus A380. During the afternoons shows we witnessed some amazing flying by various types of aircraft from by planes pulling off great maneuvers and no airshow wuld be complete without the Red Arrows which put on a fly past. The main star of the show was the new state of the art Jet which will come in to RAF service soon and take over from the well known Harrier Jump Jet which left service some years ago.

After a great day at the show we headed back to the bus for the journey home, unfortunately we had a major hold up in the car park meaning we had to change are return time.

But generally we show did not fail us at all and once again proved it self as one of the best Air shows.

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