Cub Autumn Weekend Camp

During mid- October over 30 Cubs and Leaders from both 1st Colchester and 2nd Lexden Scout groups embarked on a weekend of activities and badge work at Thorrington Scout Camp Site. For some of the Cubs, the weekend away would have been their first ever camp in scouting and even their first time away from home. An investiture even took place on the first night of the weekend, in which one of the Cubs was invested and officially welcomed into the Scouting movement.

Staying in the Hayvern Building at Thorrington, the Cubs were able to get a real scouting experience which included campfire cooking (this earned the Cubs their Backwards Cooking badge) as well as activities such as human football, bouldering and even an adventure run through the woods. As well as individual activities, the Cubs also had the opportunity to work as a team when constructing dens in the forest at Thorrington, where they were only able to use the natural materials they could scavenge.

In the evenings, after a nonstop day of activities the Cubs had the chance to relax and play board games with one another, as well as eat popcorn while watching Shrek, Ice Age and Tom & Jerry on a big screen, before going to bed.

Altogether, the weekend was huge amounts of fun for all those who attended, and saw many new friendships form between the Cubs from the two different packs, which is of course, what Scouting is all about.

In the words of Lord- Baden Powell himself, ''The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others''.

written by Rohan Hyett (Cub Section Young Leader)

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