Festive Period

We have had a busy festive period once again, all starting with our group Christmas Party. We have run this event for a few years, the group come together for a Christmas Church Service and Party. The party was great fun and the section all joined in games and some lunch. We finished the day with the young people receiving gifts from other members of the group. Ths was a really great way of us finishing for the festive period.

We also had a special occasion to mark on the 16th December as this was the official 100th Birthday of Cubs. So all the Cubs in the country met up and renewed there promise at 19:16 to signify the year it all started for Cubs 1916. We decided to hold this renewal outside the location of our ancestral home on Culver street.

After the festive period we our Annual Twelfth Night Supper approached, which has dominated our diary this time of year for over a century. We decided that it was time to refresh the entrance and hall way of our HQ. So some of the leader team and several of our explorers volunteered there time to revitalize this area.

Twelfth Night Finally arrived this event is really important in our groups history, we can trace its origins back to before scouting was founded and it is believed to have run non stop since 1st Colchester's founding days, even being run during the war time and rationing, when the young members would all bring in food from home and share a meal.

This year it took a similar format that it has for about 20 years, which is an afternoon of activities followed by a formal meal with local dignitaries and guests.

This year we organised various activities run by each sections leader team, for all the group members to join in with

Making and Launching Stomp Rockets

Egg Drop Challenge

Skittle Challenge

Edible Knots

Biscuit Decoration

Design a Badge

Marshmallow Catapults

We then put on a bit of classic cartoon entertainment, this enables us to clear the main hall and prepare the tables for our meal, this is also when the guests arrive ready for our meal. After a great meal we had some speeches from guests. We then finished the meal which gave time for the guests to mingle with the young members of the group.

Our guests this year were

Sir Bob & Audrey Russell - Steward of Colchester and Long friend of 1st Colchester

Rev Forbes - Group Chaplin

Tony & Anne Blaxill - Group President

Philip Blaxill - Group Presidents Son and Former Member

Ian Hopkins - District Commissioner

Liz Mullender - Essex County Team & and Friend of 1st Colchester

John & Anne Williams - Long Serving friends of the Group who also help with running of our HQ

I would like to thank all adults that continue to help at 1st Colchester and we would not be able to run these events. We have a busy year ahead and are looking forward to 2017.

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