Scouting Weekend

The weekend was the first camp of the year for the Scout Section. But it wasn't like a normal camp as

the Scouts first had to hike from the our HQ in the town center, to Thorrington Scout Camp Site. Once arrived we then set up camp and cooked there dinner of Pasta Carbonara with tiger bread (a bit of a scout favorite), then we spent the evening socializing around the campfire and playing wide games. We decided to have this weekend as a fairly relaxed camp. So Sunday after a lovely fry up breakfast the scouts some time to explore the woods, and if they wanted practice the important scouting skill of light a fire with a flint and steel. We then played some wide games and cooked some baked potatoes for lunch on the fire.

After lunch we played some ball games on the field and finished packing the site ready for our mid-afternoon collection time. This weekend was a nice way to kick start our camping season, the next camp will be our group camp in June.

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