Family Day

As part of the many changes 1st Colchester have seen and will be seeing in the coming years, we are aiming to increase the group community. As part of this we are increasing and changing group events.

The first stage of this was organizing a family event at Thorrington camp site. All families and young people were invited and we would like to thank all those that did come along.

Unfortunately just as this event was due to get going the rain arrived and we had to seek shelter in the scout mess tent.

However rain didn't stop play as the saying goes. Our family event went well. We had families from all sections there. Lots of laughter and fun was happen with bottle rockets, crossbows and bubbles. That was just the parents. The young members had some time to simply play games in the woods.

To round the event off we had a traditional campfire where there explorers explained about there 24hr hike raising money for the make a wish charity. We also used this opportunity to hand some well deserved awards to some of our members. Our executive committee was also nominated, this committee forms an important part of the behind the scenes activities of 1st Colchester. During the campfire we also decided to invest two of our Scouts in to the Pegasus Explorer Unit which members moe on to once 14 years old .

After All ended with our beaver leaders Louise and Georgia our Beaver Leader team, doing campfire songs and most importantly we finished with a marshmallow toasting session.

We would like to thank all families and members for joining us for this event and we are looking forward to the coming year, the section review document that goes with this event will be published online shortly.

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