Group Camp 2017

This year we decided to organize a Group Camp, which we have not run for over 10 years. This camp offered camping opportunity to all of our sections from Beavers to Explorers.

The Camp was designed to ensure we could accommodate all sections whilst also give chance for the young members to mix and join together for certain activities.

The event got underway on the Friday with the Scout and Explorer Section arriving and helping to finish the setting up of the site and Pitch there tents. Once all the jobs had been done the scouts had some free time to explorer the site and spend some time around the fire. Come the morning the scouts woke up and a cooked breakfast was served. At about 9:30 the Cub Section arrived and settled into their tents, once unpacked the explorers and scouts started some traditional circle games for all to join in with, while we waited for the Beavers to arrive. The Beavers settled in and made a home of there tent, and joined the others in a version of the game duck, duck, goose.

Once all had arrived we had the official opening of camp around the flag, and each section then ran activities for their own age range. After lunch we arranged two main activities, with sections going to archery range and having a go at making and launching pressure rockets.

Then after a few games we all sat down for a group BBQ cooked by the Explorer unit. While the remains of the meal were cleared the Explorer section gathered everyone around the campfire and joined in some traditional campfire songs and entertainment.

To enable the younger sections time to settle into there tents for bed time, the Scout and Explorer section went over the a the games field to play some wide games.

The Next morning, which was a very early start, it was time for breakfast and closing camp ceremony. During which a number of awards were handed out to young members of the group who had achieved a first camp award. We also gave out the gift to mark the camp which was a group drawstring bag, which will hopefully prove useful to members. The flag was then lowered to signify the end of the camp and the clear up and striking of tents began.

This proved a great experience we hope for all and enabled the group to try something they haven't run for a long time. Next year we are planning a number of group events to mark an important anniversary which sees the group reach 110 years old.

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