Twelfth Night Supper & Festive Period

The Festive period is a busy time for 1st Colchester, this year we started with a Christmas hike for the older sections. The Scout and Explorer Sections both took part and started in different locations, with staggered timings to hopefully help with the evenings plans. The scouts started in the Fordham area and hiked along parts of the Riiver Colne until reaching our HQ in the town centre. The older Explorer unit walked along a harder route starting at Tiptree with there end goal being the same as the Scouts.

We finished at the hall and after a break we sat down for a traditional Christmas style meal. The weather held out and despite some muddy Scouts had a nice relaxing hike in some nice countryside.

The next event is our Christmas Church parade and party this is a group event so all section take part. First we all meet at the Bunting rooms (our HQ) and then parade upto our partner church at Lion Walk. After the service we head back to the hall for some festive refreshments and games as a group. We also had the added fun of some festive weather which made some of our younger members very happy ( to be honest most of the older members as well)

After the festive break we have one of the main group events of our year, which is our group Twelfth Night Supper. This event has a very long tradition and has run every year for over a century, and can trace its origins back to before the Scout group started, over a 110 years ago.

The event has taken many forms over the years, but in recent years it has been an afternoon of activities for members followed by a sit down meal for the group and its friends. This year we were joined by some Birds of Prey and after a talk about them, members all had some bird of prey themed activities.

After this we all sat down for the traditional supper part of the day, with friends of the group, this year we all had a roast dinner with trifle for desert.

We are working on exciting plans for the coming year and 2018 will see us mark 110 years since our groups founding by Geoffrey Elwes and his friends, back in 1908.

We are looking forward to the coming year or Scouting

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