Bushcraft Day 2020

This year we decided to bring back our popular Bushcraft day, this day gives members a chance to practice and learn skills that are often considered traditional scout skills.

We hosted the event in our local Scouting site which is 29 acres of woodland, on the outskirts of Colchester. After the young people arrived we had a quick briefing with them to let them know the plans for the day and cover safety aspects. Then the morning was spent on themed bases (sessions) with members being split into 3 groups and rotating around activities, the morning activities were Shelter building, Foraging and Knife, Saw and Axe training.

Lunch time came round and two of our Explorers that came along to help on the day, had prepared a fire for cooking flat breads for lunch, we also used this time to play some games and relax for a bit. The activities changed in the afternoon to include safe fire lighting, navingation and compass training and paracord woggle making. During these activities the cooking fire was built up ready for cooking dinner which was put on to cook and be ready for when the activites finish.

After the afternoon bases finish, we ran some Wide games (capture the flag & man hunt) in the woods which always proves popular. After this and dinner which was baked potatoes and fillings. As well as being a popular day that we have run several times over the recent years, it also well give Scouts skills that will prove useful in their future adventures.

Images are avaliable in our Members gallery, which is accessible through our members zone.

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