Sunset Hike

This weekend the the scouts take part in a major challenge. The aim was to walk as far as possible before Sunset. We started the weekend on Friday night when the Scout and Explorer members arrived at Camp.

We had arranged to borrow over night tents from another group that had pitched but did not need them till Saturday. Although a fairly wild evening with heavy rain and wind hitting the site, all members settled in to the accommodation.

The Scouts and Explorers were up and having breakfast early, and after a quick bacon breakfast we made a move. The Explorer members went off ahead followed with the leader team and Scouts.

We headed out to Alresford creek and with the Scouts navigating in fairly wild weather we made good progress along the river. We had our first checkpoint in Wivehoe with coffee for leaders and a sit down (and shelter) and most importantly a snack on some cakes donated by one of our Scouts parents.

We moved on heading for a main stop for lunch at the Hythe area on the edge of town, here we met up with the Explorers who had been progressing along the same route ahead of the Scouts. After a decent break for lunch we started the next leg which involved a bit more navigation from our teams, and as expected tiredness kicked in a bit.

Our final target was the Abberton reservoir which would prove to be a challenge which I am pleased to say was completed by all, which took great effort and team work.

This was a massive achievement for our members and we the leader team are really proud of our members, this really took a lot of effort and reaching this goal is certainly a great achievement.

Total distance covered

30 Km

18.5 miles

This will prove to be one of the longest walks members achieve in a single day, so all those who took part should feel proud of completing it.

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