Twelfth Night Supper

Our first event of the new year is our annual supper, this event has been run for over a century and can trace its origins back to before Scouting existed we have even run it through wars and difficult times.

This event has taken different styles over the years, this year we once again updated and kept the event modern. So this year our Scout and Explorer section took part in a pre meal Hike, Starting from Nayland after navigating back to the HQ in time for dinner. Our younger sections came togther later in the day for some activities at the hall. We then all came together, along with some invited guests, for great meal cooked by our Akela (Janice) and a friend of the group Melvin who is a leader at another local group.

Our Supper this year started with a choice of soups, then a Roast chicken main course with all the trimmings. Following this up with dessert of cheesecake.

This event always acts as agreat way of getting the group together at the beginning of the new year, we have a busy year ahead with some new and returning activities, which 1st Colchesters team of volunteers our putting together. Members can always keep upto date with our main events through our members section.

We would like to thank all that attended, especially our invited guests.

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