Virtually Summer

Spring 2020 we were looking forward to a exciting summer of scouting adventures, however, this summer has seen a unpresidented change to scouting due to the world wide pandemic of covid 19.

In March the pandemic reached a level that meant much of every day life had to be put on hold with many companies and movements put in to lockdown and schools closing to help slow the spread of the virus.

Scouting around the country had to adapt and although face to face meetings were no longer possible alternative methods were found. At 1st Colchester we started off with several online based events, we had some amazing entries to our group wide photo competition which ran for several weeks with various themes.

We then moved on to pre recorded sessions, which members could watch in their own time. each session offered some activities and challenges for members to complete at home. From pioneering your own flag pole and making zip wires at home. We also had several members camp out at home in there gardens.

When it became clear that the lockdown would continue for some time we decided to move again onto live video call sessions using the Zoom system, with the Scout and Explorers sections. Our Cub and Beaver sections running various other virtual items including virtual camp at home weekends and occasional special video call evenings.

We continue to offer these online video sessions to ensure our members can keep in touch with each other and enjoy some scouting games and activities. These changes have proved challenging times and a learning experince for all, but has showed that scouting is more than just a weekly meeting and as through history has proven it can adapt when needed.

We are certainly looking forward to a time when we can get back to face to face sessions and activities and camps can resume. This will hopefully be in the not to distant future, details will be posted on the website for members.

The leader team are working on a variety of events for next year, with the return of some and the bringing in of some new ones. 2021 will hopefully be a busy year of scouting at 1st Colchester.

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