What are Subs?(subscription fees)

Scout groups all charge a regular fee to members this is often paid by school term, however some sections do come up with other options such as half termly or even by evening fee.

This purpose of these fees is to cover the running costs of the group/section.  This covers various aspects outlined below.  

Building Rent

1st Colchester uses the Bunting rooms, this hall was built purposely back in the 1980's to replace our old HQ that was lost due to Culver square development work.  

1st Colchester pay a rent to the committee that are reponsible for the building, to help cover the costs of the building heating etc.

HQ Membership Fee

This fee is paid to Scouting per each member after our annual census, this forms alarge part of the charge and goes towards a large number of aspects of Scout Association operations.

Weekly Meeting and Group Costs

Some of the subs fee is used to help fund general running costs of the group and section such as evening costs like supplies and badges.


What we Charge

We currently charge £35 per school term, this can be paid in various ways outlined below.

How to Pay

This depends on the section, please speak to section leader team for details.

Main options usually avaliable are below:

Cash or Cheque 

Often the most convenient method and used by most members, ideally payment would be handed over in envelope with young persons name written on it.

Bank Transfer

If this is made avaliable for section please ensure you include young persons name as well as the purpose of paymen in the reference for payment.