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Camps and over night stays are a core part of the Scouting experience and at 1st Colchester all our sections have the opportunity to take part in these adventures.  That give members a chance to both gain Scouting skills and life skills such as leadership and teamwork.  Camp Kit is often built up over time, and can be found for all budgets.  Feel free to speak to leader team members for advice if needed.

Attending Camp Guide

Some useful information for attending Scout Camps/overnight adventures

Camp Fees & Admin

Camp fees are normally inclusive of various event costs such as site fee, food, activities and when necessary transport.  We always aim to make camps as affordable as possible, they are budgeted in a way to ensure we can balance covering costs while making it affordable. Camp fees are due before the event and some larger events require a deposit first to confirm booking a place/s.


Health and I.C.E Forms

Incase of Emergency forms are used for camps to ensure we have up to date information should it be needed, this form covers everything from dietary needs to medication and contacts for the period of the camp/event.  

The Health form for Weekend camps can be downloaded from below, this will need completing and returning to leader team, before the camp/event.

Luggage/Kit Bags



Probably the most useful form of luggage used, we normally suggest between 60 and 70 litres in size.  This is normally suitable for both weekends and week long camps. 


These can be purchased at varying levels of cost, and often can provide a great option as we often have to carry personal kit on arrival at a campsite.



Holdalls can provide another great option, specially for week long camps.  With more options in regards to sizes, and costs. 


Some members prefer this opton due to the style, that can offer easier access to belongings. 

Camping Kit Advice

Local Camp Site Locations


Thorrington Scout Camp Site

Our Local site, this site is owned by local Scouting and is a woodland site offering a good facility for backwoods style camps.

Saturday Morning (2).jpg

Hallowtree Scout Camp Site

This site is located near Ipswich and provides a good location for summer months with large open spaces for activities etc.

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