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Day Hike - May (JOTT)

This weekend was our first our first hike of the Spring/Summer period. This year we combined this with the Jamboree on the Trail (JOTT) event. This is a fairly casual world wide event, that see many of the world Scouts take part in hikes in their local areas.

We decided to have this hike in some of the nicest scenery in the local Colchester area. This route sees the Scouts navigate around the Colne river valley, and along the route, we also have the added fun of some different wildlife and livestock.

The weather stayed good all day although the sun really did not appear to a bit late in the day, and with just a little mud on route. All the Scouts did a great job navigating along the 11km route practicing map skills along the way. These hikes as well as giving the chance for our members to get outside and enjoy the countryside, help them also build skills and teamwork that will prove very useful in future adventures and higher awards in future Scouting.

Well done to all our members that took part. We certainly are looking forward to our Summer of Scouting fun and adventures.