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Scout Weekend Camp

Updated: Mar 11

This weekend saw the Scout section open the camp year off with a backwoods style weekend camp at our local site in Thorrington.

The weekend started off with a Friday night arrival and pitching of tents etc. with several of our older scouts taking the lease and helping the younger members pitch the tents. This was followed by a relaxed gathering around the fire.

Being a backwoods camp, Saturday would be a fairly relaxed day with some skills based activities. This time giving the scouts chance to learn and practice some very traditional skills.

Such as fire lighting, safe use of knife, saw and axes and basic training that heightens their sense of direction skills.

Along with these skills weekend camps often act as great team building and friendship building occasions.

Using the skills gained the scouts put them all to use to cook the Saturday nights dinner in groups on open fires, dinner on this occasion was carbonara this has proved popular with our members and is often requested for camps.

After an evening of wide games and marshmallows it was time to head for the tents, for a well earned nights sleep. Sunday morning is normally a morning of striking (taking down) tents and clearing the site. A big well done to all our Scouts who made this a seamless task and all worked really well to help and get things packed away.

With this camp cover a large part of our Scout challenge awards, this was a great way to kick start the 2023 camping season.

We would also like to congratulate several of our members, who recently moved up from cubs. This was their first camp as Scouts and they did really well so well done to all.

This is the first camp of 2023, with our Beavers heading for a sleepover next weekend and other camps already in the pipeline for later in the year.

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